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I love keeping my family healthy! If someone in the family is sick, we would rather try to take care of it at home first without having to visit the doctor’s office. I was so excited to get a copy of this Home Remedies: An A-Z Guide of Quick And Easy Natural Cures book. It’s the A-Z guide of quick and easy natural cures! This book was written by author and fellow mom blogger Meredith Hale over at Mommy A to Z!

Home Remedies



As you can tell from the contents, there’s a lot of good stuff in here! You’ll find 200+ pages of ways to feel better naturally! This is the perfect reference book to have at your fingertips!


I’ve already put this to the test with my youngest. I usually use a cream for diaper rash, but I decided one of these remedies instead. It worked great! And, its great to have a happy baby with a happy bottom!


On most pages, there are several different ways to treat the problem. I love that there are different options, so you can choose what you (hopefully) have on hand.

I personally can’t wait to try the cures for insomnia and eyestrain! They should go well with the cure for my husband’s snoring! 🙂

What would you be interested in curing naturally?

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  1. Oh! I want a book like this! It looks really helpful. It would be nice to be able to whip up your own remedy for different ailments!


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