5 Holiday Hazards for Baby Teeth

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I look forward to the holiday season every year. It’s a relaxing break from our regular routine and a chance to spend time with family. However, I also like to make sure that we all stay healthy over the holidays – and that includes our teeth! I’m partnering with the Delta Dental of Colorado Foundation to spread the word about their Cavities Get Around campaign. Children’s dental health is so important to keep in mind this time of year, and I can’t wait to share some great tips with you!

Here are 5 Holidays Hazards to watch out for when taking care of your children’s teeth!

holiday hazards for baby teeth

1. Sweet Treats

At my house, we end up with tons of sugary foods around the holidays. From cookie exchanges, to candy and pies, there are lots of temptations.

If your kids are consuming sugar, encourage them to drink water or, if possible, brush soon after to avoid cavities. Sugar fuels bacteria in your mouth that creates acid, and that acid eats through thin baby tooth enamel.

Additionally, try to keep a stock of tooth friendly snacks on hand and offer those before requests for more sugar start coming in! We love to keep fresh fruits and veggies at snack time.

healthy snacks

Pro mom tip: Instead of putting candy in the stockings on Christmas morning, try a few small toys and a really cool toothbrush! I try to look for toothbrushes with a favorite character or color that they’ll be really excited about using,

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toothbrush stocking stuffer

2. Sugary Drinks

We mostly drink water at our house, and it’s important to keep this habit up during the holidays. I notice a downward spiral in behavior when my kids have too much sugar, and the sugar really isn’t good for their teeth either.

drink water

When we’re out of the house, I always bring along our water bottles, to avoid requests for juice or other sugary drinks. If your child does have a sugary drink, again, it is a great idea to rinse with water or brush afterwards. This is especially important right before bed. You don’t want that sugar hanging around on their teeth all night!

3. Lack of Routine

We have virtually no routine during holidays breaks. It makes it way too easy to slip out of our healthy habits like brushing and flossing at least twice a day.

kids brushing

My kids will often fall asleep in the car if we’re out late, so we like to pack a toothbrush to brush before we get in the car. If other family members or a babysitter will be putting the kids to bed, make sure they give the kids a reminder and know how to help them brush.


4. Winter Sports

Skiing, ice skating, tubing and sledding can be fun, but also dangerous! Make sure to add a mouth guard to your winter protective gear this year. It’s fun for kids to lose teeth, but not at the wrong time! Baby teeth will fall out eventually, but they’re important for spacing and protecting the adult teeth.

5. Ignoring the Dentist

If your kids saw the dentist over summer vacation, it’s that time again. Time flies! Make sure to work in those 6 month dental checkups while the kids are out of school for the holidays to avoid missing school. If you have a little one at home, remember that they should see the dentist too – by their first birthday!

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Let’s keep our family’s teeth healthy this holiday season!

Do you have any other tips? Tell me in the comments!

Holiday Hazards for Baby Teeth

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  1. My kids are finally old enough to kinda understand breakfast teeth…. Bath teeth bed… Kind of routine. We always give toothbrushes as stocking stuffers. Something my folks did when I was a kid and I like that tradition.


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