Guide to Holiday Gift Buying for Dad

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So now that Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas season is upon us. And with it comes all of the hustle and bustle, including decorating, Christmas cards, parties, and gift giving. If you’re anything like me, the hardest person to buy a gift for was always my Dad. He never needed anything, because he just bought stuff when he needed it, there was no waiting until Christmas. If you would ask what he wanted, he would give you one suggestion, which made for a really uninspired gift (“Here, Dad, here’s the exact thing you asked for. Surprised?”) Now that I’m a Dad, I am finding that I’m getting harder to buy for, too. So with that in mind, I’ve created a general list of my top five ideas to help you get started for that Dad in your life.

Video Games:
If your Dad is a gamer, then this is an easy choice. There is no shortage of new games each year, just make sure it’s not something he’s going to run out and buy the second it hits the shelf. My recommendation is Star Wars Battlefront from EA games. It is the sentimental favorite because you can be characters from the original trilogy, and it has elements from the new movie Episode VII The Force Awakens.

Let me warn you, don’t buy pants or shoes unless you know EXACTLY what style and size. If it’s not exactly what we like, we’ll only wear it to make you happy, then it will sit in the back of the closet until we donate it. If you want to get something that will actually get worn, stay in the shirt category. There are two ways to go here.
First, find a nice dress-casual shirt. Something we can wear to a sit-down restaurant, or when we’re out with friends. I am usually a polo guy, but my wife has added a couple button downs and pullovers to give me some options, and I do wear them!
My second recommendation is the classic hooded sweatshirt (hoodie). They’re comfortable, warm, and great to wear around the house. I suggest a plain colored hoodie (not white!) and make sure it has that big pocket on the front. If you really want to kick it up a notch, get his favorite college or pro-sport team.

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NO TIES! I don’t know where this notion came from, but Dads always end up with too many ties. I own close to fifty, and I only wear about ten on a regular basis. Also, jewelry is not really the best route either. That includes watches. If you are thinking about getting something to accessorize Dad’s wardrobe, get a brown belt. Nothing fancy, just a plain brown belt. I guarantee we’ll wear it.

Chances are Dad doesn’t need an electronic device, he probably already bought it. This is where it’s ok to think accessories instead. Does his tablet need a case? Extra charger or adapter he can leave at work? Better headphones? Tripod for the camera? Look at the device he likes to use the most, and see what makes it more useful (but no selfie sticks).

If your Dad is a budding DIYer, the best tool to have is a good cordless rechargeable drill/screwdriver. We use it constantly. I have two, and sometimes I have them both going on the same project. If you get this, I highly recommend that it has two battery packs, so he doesn’t have to stop in the middle of something to recharge.
If your Dad already has all the power tools he could ever need, you may want to get him either a Leatherman tool or a Swiss Army knife. There is a huge assortment of either to suit any size, style, or budget.  Even if he already has one, it’s always nice to have a spare in the car or somewhere else handy.

While this is not necessarily the ultimate gift buying guide, it should be enough to get you started. Maybe this year he will be surprised!

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What are some of your go-to gifts for dad? I would love some more ideas!

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