Ways to Have Fun with Kids in the Winter

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Ways to Have Fun with Kids in the Winter

Outdoor Winter Fun with Kids

Play in the Snow

Take advantage of that snow and find a hill! Local parks are usually a great place to sled. Don’t forget to dress warmly and bring helmets! Don’t forget to make snow angels and build a snowman!

These are a few places to sled in Colorado Springs.

Go Skiing or Snowboarding

Skiing can be a fun family activity. Even if everyone can’t ski, there are usually other activities for the rest of the family to enjoy.

These tips for planning a ski trip with kids will make things go smoothly.

Go Ice Skating

In Colorado Springs, we have an outdoor rink that is only open during the winter. We try to go every year!

Take a Winter Vacation or a Long Weekend

Snow tubing, snowmobiling, and exploring ice castles are just a few ideas. Here in Colorado, you could check out Snow Mountain Ranch or Winter Park. Just make sure to have the right gear for a snow trip.

Indoor Winter Fun with Kids

Make Snow Crafts

Snowflake Craft
These snowflakes are cut out from your child’s name!

Build a Sensory Snowman with Fake Snow
This sensory activity is great for younger kids!

Snow Cloud Dough
This cloud dough is quick to make and will help entertain the kids on those cold winter days!
snow cloud dough

Check Out Indoor Activities

If the weather isn’t nice outdoors, check out fun indoor places in your area. We like to roller skate, swim, and jump on trampolines. It’s also a great chance to check out local museums or head to your library!

Have a PJ Day

Too cold to go out? Stay in and build a blanket fort, have some hot chocolate or watch a movie! It’s also a great time for a family game night.

What do you like to do with the kids in the winter?

Ways to Have Fun with Kids in the Winter

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5 thoughts on “Ways to Have Fun with Kids in the Winter”

  1. My niece loves ice skating, I know my nephews would love sledding, but I’m probably a ‘stay in and have hot cocoa and play a game’ person, lol.

  2. So many great and fun tips to keep the kiddos on their toes! We don’t get much snow here in Georgia, but I would love to take the kids somewhere with a lot to visit!


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