9 Fun Halloween Traditions To Start This Year With Your Kids

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Fall is here, and I’m already thing about Halloween. I want to share some Halloween traditions that our family enjoys. Feel free to share your family traditions with me in the comments!

9 Fun Halloween Traditions To Start This Year With Your Kids

1. Make Your Own Costumes

Making your own diy costume can be a lot of fun. There are also a lot more unique choices than you see with store bought costumes. We do a family costume theme every year and typically make them ourselves.

Family Costume Ideas

Here’s a few of our more recent creations including the LEGO movie characters family themed costumes and a family of cow costumes!

lego movie costume diy

cow costume family group

2. Have a Spooky Craft Day!

Having a spooky craft day is such a fun Halloween tradition. We like to paint mini pumpkins. We’ve also got a whole list of fun pumpkin crafts and activities for kids of all ages.

spooky craft day

This Spider Craft from Fab Working Mom Life is perfect for toddlers. You can also check out this easy spider handprint craft.

Our Family Code has a great idea for a Mummy Craft and some Free Printable Halloween Activity Sheets!

3. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

We have to visit at least one pumpkin patch per year. Two of our favorites in the Colorado Springs area are the Colorado Pumpkin Patch and Diana’s Pumpkin Patch.

Visit Pumpkin Patches

4. Serve Up Some Spooky Food

You won’t want to miss these spooky treat ideas!

Don’t forget to try these Spooky Ice Cream Floats from Jalisa Harris!

Halloween Ice Cream Floats

5. Boo Your Neighbors and Friends

If you’re not familiar with booing your neighbors, it’s not hard! You basically create a little gift bag or treat and drop it off to a few friendly neighbors. You can attach some directions so they can continue the trend. Hopefully, your whole neighborhood will get into it!

Halloween Gift Bucket

6. Watch Some Halloween Classics

Some Halloween movies can be too scary for younger kids, but there are some great cartoons out there. Our tradition is to watch It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

7. Carve Pumpkins and Roast the Seeds

We love to carve pumpkins every year. If the kids aren’t big enough to use knives, they can still help create the design on the pumpkin. Save the seeds to roast as a special treat!

carving pumpkins is a fun halloween tradition

Fun Halloween Traditions

8. Have a Spooky Story Time

We read Halloween books throughout the month of October. It’s great to build up the excitement about Halloween! It’s fun to have a Halloween story time in a blanket fort with flashlights.

9. Trick or Treating

I can’t leave trick or treating off the list! In addition to traditional neighborhood trick or treating, look for local trunk or treats. Our local zoos also do fun Halloween events that include trick or treating. Make sure to review Halloween safety tips with your kids. I’ve also got some great resources on allergy friendly trick or treating. Real Happy Mom has a great list of non-candy ideas to hand out.

I hope you enjoyed this list of fun Halloween traditions. Thanks to the other bloggers in The Influential Mama Network for contributing their ideas!

Do you have any fun Halloween traditions to add to the list? Tell me in the comments!

9 Fun Halloween Traditions To Start This Year With Your Kids

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  1. I love this! My husband and I did a few of these before we had our son. But it is so much fun now that we have a baby to do all these fun Halloween things with. This will be his 2nd Halloween and we are just having a blast.


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