Making Forky Characters for Toy Story 4

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As soon as we saw the Toy Story 4 trailer, the kids started begging to make Forky! We did it and put our own spin on them too! These would be such a fun craft station for a Toy Story party!

Making Forky Characters for Toy Story 4

Making Forky from Toy Story 4 – Supplies

Forky DIY Supplies

The body is a spork. You’ll need craft popsicle sticks for the feet. The arms are a pipe cleaner. We used modeling clay to attach the feet to the spork and to create the eyebrow and mouth with colored modeling clay. Forky has two different sized google eyes. We made one forky with the correct colors and then got creative with his pals.

Making Forky from Toy Story 4 – Directions

Use colored modeling clay to form the eyebrow and mouth. Use glue to attach the eyes, mouth and eyebrow. We used regular white school glue. Then attach the pipe cleaner to the middle of the spork. Forky has 3 fingers.

Create the base using modeling clay. We cut our popsicle craft sticks in half for the feet.

Forky has a rainbow sticker on his right foot that we recreated with a sharpie.

Here are the other fun Forky friends we made!

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