Disney Fish Extender Gift Ideas for Adults

Adults can be tricky to buy for in the fish extender exchange. Here are my top ten favorite Disney fish extender gift ideas for adults. If you want more general information on how fish extender works, head over to this post first. And, if you need more ideas for the men on your list, you’ll want to read my post about Fish Extender Gifts for Men.

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#1 – Hand Sanitizer
I’ve been so glad every time I received hand sanitizer. I never remember to pack it and always wish I had!
Fish Extender Gift Ideas for Adults
If you’re feeling crafty, you can even add some Disney magic!

#2 – Laundry Bag
We’ve received a couple of these and used them each time. It also makes it easy to haul clothes down to the laundry room.
Fish Extender Gift Ideas for Adults

#3 – Luggage Tags Image via Etsy
These are a great memento and useful for your future travels.

#4 – Ornaments
These are especially nice if you’re on a holiday cruise!

#5 – Wave Phone Holder Image via Etsy
These can be handy to carry your wave phone on Castaway and around the ship.

#6 – Picture Frames
These can be fun for vacation memories, but they take up a lot of luggage space. Make sure you have space for these first!

#7 – USB Drive Image via Etsy
These are fun and practical.

#8 – Tote Bag Image via Etsy
You can never have too many bags. In our last FE exchange, I received three bags and used all of them to get our extra stuff off of the ship!

#9 – Ship Locator Card Image via Etsy
These are great for first time cruisers who may not be familiar with the locations of different areas around the ship.

#10 – Can Hugger Image via Etsy
This is a popular and inexpensive gift.

Do you have any other fish extender gift ideas for adults? Have you given or received anything really memorable? Let me know in the comments!

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