Family Vehicle Buying Guide – Tips to Make Shopping Easy

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Sponsored post. Finding the right car is so important when you have a family. There are so many things to consider, and you want to make sure that you are making an informed decision before a big purchase. This family vehicle buying guide will give you all the info you need to find the right car for your family.

Do Your Research in Advance

The most important part of finding a car is getting as much information as possible before you start shopping. Narrowing down what vehicles you’re interested in is a great place to start. You can ask your friends and family members what they like (or don’t like) about their vehicles. Parents of young children have lots of different needs when purchasing a car. If you belong to a mom’s group, this is another great place to ask around.

Once you have some make and models in mind, I have found that is a great resource to find out more about features. Their website has a Videos & Reviews feature where they provide extensive reviews and essential information about a wide variety of different cars. Their information is very accurate and unbiased. If something hasn’t performed well or isn’t a good purchase, they aren’t afraid to tell you! Doing this research in advance will help you the get best car at the best price.

Important Features for a Family Car

Here are some things to look for in a family car:

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1. Enough Car Seat Latches
We ran into this problem frequently when car shopping. Some vehicles that had seven seats only had three places for car seats. Make sure to check that there will be enough to accommodate your family. You can use this Car Seat check feature to check the vehicle that you’re interested in.

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2. Lots of Cup Holders
This one sounds silly, but it prevents arguing!

3. Good Safety Features and Rating
Check out how the vehicle performed on safety tests. Also, ask about safety features it has like airbag locations, crash detection, etc.

4. Configuration of Seating
If you’re looking at a vehicle with a third row, consider whether you’ll want to have someone climbing over or sliding a seat out of the way. This may not be convenient with younger children. Some companies offer bucket seating in the second row, which can make loading easier.

5. DVD Player
These systems come in handy if you plan to take road trips in the vehicle.

6. Gas Mileage
Compare the gas mileage of the vehicles you’re considering to see if there is a big difference.

7. Reliability
Car trouble is the last thing you want with kids in the car. Make sure to see how the vehicles perform over the long term or if there are known problems with certain models.

8. Convenience of Cleaning
I love leather seats with kids. They’re so easy to clean! You also want to see if it is easy to crawl into the back to clean up and if things can get easily trapped under the seats.

9. Price
This one is obviously important! Make sure it fits in your budget. If you’re financing the vehicle, makes sure the payment amount is something you’ll be able to afford for the entire term of the loan.

Family vehicle buying guide

When You Test Drive

Have a list of questions ready when you go to test drive. Also, be informed! You should already know about how much the vehicle should cost. You want the salesperson to know that you are an informed buyer so you can get the best price! If you are trading in a car, make sure to know it’s value.

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And, take the kids with you! It may sound like a bad idea, but you want to make sure that everyone can fit comfortably. Also, ask if you can install your own car seats in the vehicle to make sure it will be a great fit!

Do you have any other important car shopping tips? Please share them in the comments!

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7 thoughts on “Family Vehicle Buying Guide – Tips to Make Shopping Easy”

  1. I also like adding a car buying app that can check safety ratings and reviews. I plan ahead as well but sometimes you get to the dealer and the car you want has been sold or another one catches your eye. Great post.

  2. Great tips, I especially like the one about putting all your car seats in the new car. I worked at a car dealership for two years in the service department and my husband was a mechanic. I heard a lot of people complain that their three car seats didn’t fit in the back of the car they just bought.
    One other tip I would add is to call the service department and speak with a service adviser. In my experience they will give you an honest answer on what cars in that particular make are the most trouble.

  3. I agree with all of your points, but I have to add two more. Living in Northern Canada, I will not buy a car without a remote car starter or a built in seat warmer. These are a MUST for our winters 🙂


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