Erik’s Intro

Hey, Dads!  If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent enough time reading parenting blogs to notice that they’re primarily dominated by the mothers out there.  I get it.  In the past, the burden of raising children fell on the moms, but this is the twenty first century.  Times have changed.  We dads are expected to be more involved.  Gone are the days of handing out cigars in the waiting room (actually that’s been gone for over a generation!).  Equality is becoming the norm in all things, including the level of commitment it takes from both the mother and father to be a parent.  It only makes sense that there are resources for the fathers out there. Resources put together by everyday dads who’ve been in the trenches.  That’s where this blog comes in.

Just a little background on me and this blog.  I am a father of three kids.  My son is six and my daughters are four and one, so I have my hands full. While being a dad is a full time job, I make a living as an elementary music teacher. (For those of you crying foul, saying I’m some sort of child expert because I work with kids all day, let me be very clear; teaching someone else’s kids is way different than raising your own.) My family is the most important part of my life, and I want to be the best dad I can be. I don’t want to just be the financial provider, I want to be an active participant in raising the little tikes so they grow up to be well rounded, respectable members of society.  When I look at them as adults, I want to be able to say, “I had a major role in how they turned out, and I’m proud of them.”

I recognized that I didn’t know everything about being a father and there were days that I needed some advice.  So when my oldest was little, I tried to find some.  My wife had a subscription to a parenting magazine, and I thought I could use some of the tips in there. The problem was that most of the articles were written from the woman’s perspective, or at the very least targeted an audience of women. The internet was the same way. Plenty from the moms out there, but a huge lack of the dad side of things. After grumbling about it to my wife a few times, she said, “If you don’t like it, start your own blog.”  So, here it is.

My hope is that dads can come here for some tips on this whole parenting thing, or at the very least get a good laugh out of some of the misadventures I’ll be sharing. I plan on giving some dad insight on a wide range of topics from potty training to bed time routines to family vacations and beyond. I may drop in the occasional product review or share stories from the other dads out there who are willing to tell their tales.  So stop in regularly.  Oh, and bring those moms, too!  Share these posts with them, because it might just help them out to see where we’re coming from. After all, there are two sides to every story, and it’s time to share the dad’s side.