Immune Boosting ElderKids Gummies

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This year, more than ever, I want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to support our immune systems. In addition to eating a healthy diet, staying active and drinking enough water, we have been adding more vitamins and supplements to our routine. I have always been impressed by the benefits of elderberry, and I’m excited to share our experience with Norm’s Farms ElderKids Organic Elderberry Gummies.

Immune Boosting ElderKids Gummies

This is a sponsored post. I received ElderKids Gummies as part of a Moms Meet sampling program to use and post my honest opinions.

What We Love About Norm’s Farms ElderKids Organic Elderberry Gummies

Norm’s Farms ElderKids Organic Elderberry Gummies are suggested for kids ages 4-12.

My kids are huge fans of anything that comes in gummy form, and they actually liked the taste of the ElderKids Organic Elderberry Gummies right away. The gummies are shelf stable, so they don’t take up any extra fridge space. Just make sure you’re taking them regularly, and they stay nice and fresh in their bottle! Kids need to take just one per day.

In addition to the amazing benefits of elderberry, these gummies contain Vitamin C, Zinc and probiotics. All of those are also great for supporting the immune system.

Norm’s Farms ElderKids Organic Elderberry Gummies are vegan and gluten free, so they’re great for food allergy families!

I love companies that give back and make a difference. Norm’s Farms supports Love One International by donating 60 cents from every bottle! Love One International provides life saving medical treatments for children in Uganda.

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Purchase Norm’s Farms ElderKids Organic Elderberry Gummies

Norm’s Farms ElderKids Organic Elderberry Gummies retail for $22.49 per bottle (that’s a two month supply) and are found in select stores or online at If you order through, there’s a special 10% discount available by using code MOM10 at checkout.

Immune Boosting ElderKids Gummies from Norms Farms

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  1. My kids never tried to take a vitamins in a gummy form but this sounds really a good one. I’ll have to check this out and I wish that they enjoy eating this vitamins.

  2. This is a great food supplement. My son loves gummi bears so much that I don’t think he’ll mind taking this. Happy to know that their vegan and gluten free. Thank you for sharing this.


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