4 Easy Science Experiments Your Kids Will Love

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Here are 4 easy science experiments to do with basic ingredients. You probably have most of them on hand!

Dancing Raisins

A little fizz gets the raisins moving!

Making a Lightbulb

Grab some D batteries and make pencil lead shine!

Invisible Ink

Invisible inks are so fun for treasure hunts and keeping secrets!

Making Butter

This experiment is super fun, and you’ll get fresh butter for your toast in the morning. All you need is patience and some whipped cream!
Easy Science Experiments

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2 thoughts on “4 Easy Science Experiments Your Kids Will Love”

  1. I just took a look at the D-Battery lightbulb, and that is COOL!! Seriously, one of the biggest things I look forward to when homeschooling my son is doing all sorts of neat science experiments together. These are some really fun things to keep in mind when he gets a little older. I may need to try the lightbulb one now though…just for good measure. Haha! Thanks for sharing <3


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