Earth Day Sorting Activity + More

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I created this simple Earth Day Sorting Activity for my kids. They have to match each item with one of the following: Trash, Recycle or Compost. We used some carefully selected trash items from around the house to do this.

Earth Day Activity

If you don’t want to use real trash, I’ve also included some images of items that could be sorted along with the printable signs.

My kids are pretty familiar with what can be recycled or composted, so they did really well with this fun, interactive sorting game. We use a lot of our table scraps for compost and/or chicken food. They know to recycle things like papers and plastic. Most importantly, they were POSITIVE that the disposable diaper went in the trash!

I hope you enjoy this activity, too!

Download the Earth Day Sorting Activity printables (pdf format) here!

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Earth Day Sorting Activity

Did I miss anything fun? What activities are you doing for Earth Day?

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