Disney Cruise Line Fish Extender Exchange

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I am a penny pincher most of the time, but one thing I love to splurge on is vacations! My favorite family vacation is a Disney Cruise. We’ve been on three and have another planned for next year. One thing my kids really enjoyed on the cruise was the fish extender exchange.

What is a fish extender?

Fish extenders are handmade or embellished pocket organizers. I’ve even seen people you something as simple as a tote bag. They are sometimes customized with names and are hung from a decorative fish that is on the wall outside of the cabins on Disney Cruise Line.

Fish Extender Dimensions

The size of a fish extender should be 8-11 inches wide and not longer than 5 feet. I suggest making the pockets as deep as possible to keep your goodies from falling out. We bought ours on Etsy.

If you’re crafty, here’s a great Youtube tutorial on how to make one!

How do I participate in a fish extender exchange?

Through facebook or disboards.com you can connect with other people on your sailing and participate in a little gift exchange between cabins. On facebook, I would start with a search for your sailing date and ship name. On disboards, head to the Cruise Meets area.

Each member of the group prepares a gift for the other participating cabins.Our first FE group was around 25 cabins and our second one was around 40. I’ve also seen people break into smaller groups of 5-10. Depending on what your group organizer decides, you may give a family gift for the participating cabins or give individual gifts to each person in the cabin. Sometimes they may organize into an adults only or kids only FE group.

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My kids loved checking in to see what little treasures were waiting!

I signed for fish extender, now what should I give?

Goodies are often handmade but can also be store bought. Just make sure not to pack any prohibited items. We enjoyed making crafty things for other families and receiving gifts in return! On our first sailing, we made personalized white boards as our cabin gift. On our second sailing, we gave recipe books and mickey cookie cutters. On both sailings, we also gave little treat bags to each child.

You want to label your gifts with your cabin number.

Check out my LISTS OF FE IDEAS!

Here’s my pinboard of crafty ideas:

If you’d like to be added as a pinner, please e-mail me at krystalmiller at gmail dot com!

Check out my lists of Fish Extender Ideas here:

Have you participated in Fish Extender? What was your favorite gift?

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  1. We participate in the FE’s too – and I also get my pre-cruise necessities through Etsy. Even if I don’t sign up for the FE for a cruise, I’ll bring the hanger anyway – just to put in “pixie dust” for my little one and others while we cruise. It’s so much fun. 🙂


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