Date Your Spouse Without Leaving the House

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Parenting can bring a flurry of hurried evenings, but rushing between homework and extracurricular classes doesn’t mean that prioritizing your partner must fall to the wayside. Spending meaningful time together is essential to maintaining a healthy marriage. These date night-in ideas will be sure to spark passion within the comfort (and convenience!) of home.

Date Your Spouse Without Leaving the House

No simple pleasure is more romantic than sitting beneath the starlit sky. Take the hand of the one you love and head outside with a bottle of wine or cup of hot tea. Cozy up without distractions – no phones or talk of work stresses allowed. Instead, try stretching out on a blanket, breathing deeply and relaxing together in the quiet stillness.

stargazing date night

Romantic Movie Night
A romantic movie night is a simple idea that doesn’t take much planning. Playful moments bring out the best in us, so why not build the ultimate blanket fort? Pack your pillows, hang a string of twinkling lights, and watch your favorite romance movies on Netflix.

Make a Vision Board
Are you stuck in the rut of routine? Try making a vision board! Along with a large poster, collect a few magazines and books you love. Discuss with your partner the goals you’d like to achieve as a family. Fill your poster board with clipped magazine images that reflect your vision. Add in a few inspirational quotes, positive mantras, or a family mission statement. This exercise opens the door for sharing meaningful conversation with your spouse while providing opportunity to support one another’s ambitions.

Breakfast in Bed
Slow mornings can be hard to come by when there is an early meeting to prepare for or a school bus to catch. Beat the rush the alarm clock brings with moonlit breakfast in bed! Keep it simple with oatmeal and fresh fruit. If you have a little more time on your hands, try a new breakfast recipe and prepare it together!

DIY Projects
Allow those innovative juices to flow as you combine your efforts with a Do-It-Yourself project. Have at that dresser you’ve been longing to refinish. Working side-by-side and getting your hands dirty is sure to ignite more than just a creative spark!

Playlist Party
Take a dance down memory lane to a playlist of every special song you’ve shared over the years. Think beyond the first dance of your wedding and include tracks from your first mixed tape (remember, those?) and concerts together. Set the mood by looking through photos of your dating years or reading old love notes you shared. Let nostalgia take over as you sway together into sweet and simpler memories.

Romantic Bath
If you have a big enough tub, a bath can be a great way to relax and unwind after a long week. And some bubble bath or use a milk bath recipe.

Dessert Party
After the kids are in bed, treat yourselves to some dessert! If you don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking, you can prepare this chocolate fondue in the slow cooker or make chocolate covered strawberries ahead.

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