Healthy Dairy-Free Frozen Treats Your Kids Will Love

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My littlest can’t eat dairy, so I’ve searched far and wide for dairy-free treats for her. These are the dairy-free frozen treats that I have found that we love.


These are like a healthy version of an ice pop. They contains fruits and veggies, with no added sugar. They’re also non-GMO and gluten-free. You can order them on Amazon or find them in select stores.

Dairy-Free Frozen Treats

Tofutti Cuties
These little sandwiches could totally pass for “real” ice cream. They’re soy based, but my older kids can’t tell the difference.

Dairy-Free Frozen Treats

So Delicious
So Delicious makes a variety of dairy free ice creams and frozen treats. We particularly like the Minis Coconut Almond Bars!
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Dairy-Free Frozen Treats

Whole Fruit Push Up Pops
These are organic. They do have some added sugar and other ingredients. They taste like a popsicle and are great for hot summer days. We buy these at Costco or Sam’s Club.

Dairy-Free Frozen Treats

If you want to make something at home, you can turn frozen bananas into soft serve. I thought it sounded like a gimmick, but it works! The texture is like real soft serve. You can mix in other fruits as well, but all will have a slight taste of banana. I’ve seen them in stores or you can order on Amazon.

Dairy-Free Frozen Treats

Do you love any dairy-free frozen treats that I should know about?

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