Creating T-Shirts with Transfer Paper – Colorado Style

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Summer is so much fun, but my kids are always looking for new things to do. One fun craft activity we did this week is creating t-shirts! My kids helped with the design, and I used Tomato Ink transfer paper to make it a reality!

Materials Needed for Creating T-Shirts

All you need is your computer, inkjet printer and a household iron. The transfers are designed for 100% cotton/poly blends.

Creating the Design

We’ve used transfer paper in the past to create costumes, but this time I let my kids pick what they wanted to do. We decided on a Colorado theme.

We made this custom image in Canva and using free stock Photography from Pixabay.

Printing the Design

Transfer paper comes in different sizes and for different fabric colors, so make sure to order the correct type of paper for your project. We had blue shirts, so we’re using the transfer paper for dark colored fabrics.

You simply print the design the way you want it to appear with normal print settings. Just load the paper with the correct side facing out into your printer tray. They suggest top feeding printer, but it worked just fine in my printer that feeds from below.

Transferring the Design

Use the cotton/wool setting on your iron with NO steam.

Iron your shirt.

Creating T-Shirts

Cut the image out of the design and remove the backing.

Creating T-Shirts

Place the image in position on the shirt (face-up!) and cover with included grease proof paper.

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Creating T-Shirts

Cover with an additional cotton layer (we used a pillowcase).

Creating T-Shirts

Iron using a circular motion for about four minutes or until the image has completely transferred.

Creating T-Shirts

And, the finished project!

Making t-shirts can be a fun family DIY project! Try it out!

About TomatoInk

TomatoInk is eco-friendly and low-cost. They’re the best choice for your next printer ink, toner or printing supply order!

Creating T-Shirts

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  1. Super cute! We love to vacation on DCL and always make shirts for when we board. I was disappointed in the last transfers I used and have been in search of a different brand. I will have to try TomatoInk.


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