Fish Craft using a CD

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I made this cute and easy fish craft from a used CD!

Materials needed:
1 CD
Construction Paper
Craft glue

Cut the fin shapes out of construction paper.  I glued the fins to the back of the CD (except for the front fin) so you wouldn’t see the cut edge.  I also cut the eyes out of construction paper, but you could use a purchased eye instead.  Place dots of craft glue around the CD and place sequins onto the glue!

We read the book Rainbow Fish with this craft!


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10 thoughts on “Fish Craft using a CD”

  1. Love them! You just made 2 little girls happy!!! We are having a rainy day and big sissy got to go to the movies with a cousin. The 2 little ones were bored! Had these pinned on pinterest so we finally decided to give them a shot! Quick, easy and adorable! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. I love this book and have made construction paper fish before. An intern made a large rainbow fish for me (on poster board) and used double sided tape with various sized sequins. When we finished reading the book and the students had made their fish, I "shared" my shinny scales and let them remove a sequin from my big fish and put on their own. They loved it!


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