Easy DIY Cow Costume

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So, Cow Appreciation Day is coming up at Chick-Fil-A.  I, the ultimate procrastinator, decided we should get those costumes done.  I couldn’t procrastinate much longer!  So, we headed off to Hobby Lobby for some supplies and got crafting!  We’re making shirts, hats, tails and cow bells.

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I had a lot of really cute help, including some that I didn’t really need, but we managed to get some cute costumes made anyway!

Cow Appreciation Day Costumes

DIY Cow Tails

 We made tails out of ribbon and sparkly pom-poms.

Cow Bells

We attached red cord to the cow bells.

DIY Cow Hats

We found some really cool cow print felt that was used to cover the backs of the hats. The front of the hat and ears used black felt. I used hot glue to attach the eyes and felt pieces to the hats.


The kids wanted to add some excitement to the cow hats. So, we added a bow to one cow hat and a cowboy hat to the other.


DIY Cow Shirts

The spot were all cut from black felt. We cut so many spots!

We used heat and bond to attach spots to the shirts with the iron.  No sewing required!

Check out the finished cow costumes here!


Who else is dressing up for #CowAppreciationDay?

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7 thoughts on “Easy DIY Cow Costume”

  1. We don't have any Chick-fil-A around here so I didn't even know about this until lots of cute little cow people showed up on my Instagram feed! What a fun idea! I'm jealous!

  2. Those are some cute cows you have! We just finally got a Chick Fil A, so I didn't realize it was today until I saw all these posts about it. We'll have to get ready next time. Thanks for sharing!


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