Our New Favorite STEM Toy: Circuit Cubes Whacky Wheels

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My son was so excited to receive the Whacky Wheels kit, and it definitely lived up to our expectations. My son loves building with LEGO, so I knew this would be the perfect kit for him. It was fun, not frustrating, and my son is already thinking of other fun applications. I can’t wait to tell you all about it in this post!

The Whacky Wheels kit comes with three cubes. There’s a battery that you charge with micro USB, a motor, and an LED light. There are also enough pieces to build the chassis of the vehicle and wires to connect the cubes. The kit also comes with 5 template designs that you can cut out and use.

FYI: Our battery did not come charged. So, you may want to charge it up before you start building. It charged in less than 30 minutes for us.

The basic frame was quick to assemble. My son has built lots of LEGO kits in the past, so he flew through this part.

I love how the wires easily clip onto the posts. They were easy for my son to handle and attach himself.

Here’s a photo of our Whacky Wheels car using the space rover template. We can’t wait to see how this looks after dark!

As the parent, I love that this toy has so many possibilities for future play. My son loves to customize things, and he’s already using his existing LEGO collection to make new designs! I see a lot of vehicles zipping around my living room in the future.

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Here’s a quick video of our Whacky Wheels car on the move:

Where to Purchase Whacky Wheels

This Whacky Wheels Kit is available on Amazon.

Circuit Cubes also offers a Bright Lights kit and a Smart Art Kit. They’re already on my son’s wish list!

Whacky Wheels

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  1. This Whacky Wheels toys looks awesome! A perfect toy to help with innovative development.
    My stepson would love this, maybe he would even be able to help my two year old enjoy this toy as well! Defiantly I product I’m going to keep in mind for his upcoming birthday.


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