Christmas Card Display Wreath DIY

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I get so many Christmas Cards every year. I wanted to display them this year, rather than having them just sit in a basket. My fridge is constantly cluttered with kids artwork and school papers, so I came up with this Christmas card display wreath. It was very quick and easy to make and only costs about $3 in supplies from the Dollar Tree!

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Christmas Card Display Wreath



Small Clips (optional)

Metal Wreath (optional)

Mesh Tube

How to Make a Christmas Card Display Wreath

The first step is to weave the garland through the metal wreath. This take a little while, but is really important to get a great looking project! I started by tying the garland to the outside of the wreath and working my way from the outside edge to the inside edge.

Cut a section of tubing that is about two feet long to create the bow. This adds a little bit of interest to the wreath and keeps the middle from looking empty!

Tie the bow directly on to the metal wreath.

You can add cards by sliding them through the metal bars. If you start to get too many, you can add additional cards with small clips!

Still feeling crafty? Check out these Twelve Days of Christmas hand prints that you can make with your kids!

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12 thoughts on “Christmas Card Display Wreath DIY”

  1. What a fantastic idea, I usually have them all over on the side of my doors but now I can make one like this, which is super cute . Thanks.

  2. I just adore this!! I always struggle where I should put all of our cards! I love this display idea and it’s so super easy!


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