Chalkola Chalk Markers and Pens Review

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We’ve been trying out our new sets of ChalkOla chalk markers and pens.  This is my first time trying chalk pens and they are so handy!   I love the bright, vivid, neon colors! 

I hate a mess in my house, so I was excited to find out that they are child safe, non toxic and they come off clothing in the laundry. I love how easy these are to remove from surfaces. ChalkOla markers wipe off surfaces with a wet cloth or baby wipe!  We had excellent results with clean up.  The only surface they didn’t wipe off completely on the first try was my plastic bins, and that came right off with a Magic Eraser.

We used them at Halloween to decorate our windows and pumpkins!

Quick and easy pumpkin decorating! #chalkola A photo posted by Krystal Miller (@krystalraemiller) on Oct 31, 2015 at 2:31pm PDT

My kids have enjoyed just drawing with them.  They were ecstatic to be able to draw right on our sliding glass door. And, I was excited that it would be easy to clean up!

I used them to spruce up our meal planning and home organization board and to label our craft supplies. I love that they can be erased and relabeled with something new.

We’ve loved these ChalkOla markers for all around the house.  We’ve decorated pumpkins, decorated windows and used them in our homeschool classroom!  They’re a great addition to your craft supplies! They can be used on all hard, non-porous surfaces likes windows, mirrors, whiteboards and more!

If you want to try out ChalkOla for yourself, you can get them at 20% off for a limited time!

Get the larger 15mm Markers for 20% Off on Amazon using the code CHK20OFF
Get the smaller 6mm Pens for 20% Off on Amazon using the code CHALK20A


What is your favorite use for chalk markers?

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