Cashew Mango “Lassi” Breakfast Smoothie

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We tried out this Cashew Mango “Lassi” Breakfast Smoothie recipe. It’s delicious and I wanted to share the recipe! It’s based off a recipe we received from Once Again Nut Butters, but I made a couple of modifications based on what we had on hand. It was my first time using nut butter in a smoothie and it had a great texture that was much more creamy than I was expecting.

Thanks to Moms Meet and Once Again for the yummy nut butter samples!

The original recipe is shown above. I omitted the lime zest because I didn’t have any fresh limes. We also coconut milk in place of the creamed coconut.

This was a hit with my kids and such a healthy breakfast option. I so excited to mix this into our morning routine!

Breakfast Smoothie
Cashew Mango Smoothie

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