Easy DIY Candle Making

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We’re still staying in due to COVID-19 (and also due to a rainy day)! I purchased some candle making supplies a while back, and thought this was the perfect day to try them out. I certainly don’t claim to be a candle making expert. I’m just sharing our experience as beginners. Hopefully you’ll learn some things to do (and not to do) when you decide to try this at home!

Easy DIY Candle Making

We bought an inexpensive candle kit on Amazon. It came with the pouring pot, some wicks and tins. We also bought some extra tins. To get things started, we attached the wicks to the bottom of the candle tins using the provided adhesive stickers.


candle making prep

Candle Making with Soy Wax

I researched a bit in advance and found that soy wax was the easiest for beginners to work with, so that’s what we used to make these. It has a wider temperature range, and doesn’t require constant monitoring by thermometer. The soy wax came in flakes and was very easy to melt down. We used the small pot from the candle making kit inside one of our regular kitchen pots to create a double boiler.

soy wax for candle making

We just had to keep stirring until all chunks were dissolved.

candle wax melting

Once the chunks were dissolved, we added essential oils to scent the candles. We added ten drops to each batch. The kids chose the scents. We ended up with a batch each of lemon, orange, lemongrass, lavender and peppermint. The possibilities are really endless. You can create your own scent or blend based on your preferences.

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The adults did the pouring. This kit only came with two metal pieces to hold the wicks up straight, so we improvised on the others with craft sticks.

supporting the candle wicks

supporting the candle wicks

They were completely hardened in about an hour.

finished candles

finished candles

Have you done candle making at home? Tell me about your experience in the comments!

Easy DIY Candle Making

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