Camping Recipes Your Family Will Love

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We love to go camping a few times per year. We recently purchased a small travel trailer (because I was tired of sleeping on the ground), but we do tent camp occasionally on short trips. These camping recipes are great for all types of camping!

Also, please check out these camping food safety tips from Cook Eat Go.

Camping Recipes

Breakfast Camping Recipes


Eggs are a great, high protein option for breakfast. They sell specialized eggs carriers for camping, but we usually just crack our eggs in advance and transport them in a plastic bottle.
These omelettes in a bag from Beyer Beware can be cooked right in the ziploc bag!

Cold Breakfast

We often bring along granola bars or cereal for breakfast if we don’t want to have to cook.

These granola bites from Tuxedo Cats and Coffee are a great option to make ahead.

Camping Main Dishes

When we’re looking for meals to make while camping, I love to find things that can be made with minimal cookware and easy to transport ingredients. This campfire stew from Recipes from a Pantry and this lentil tomato stew from Veggie Desserts are hearty options that are perfect for camping.

We often do sandwiches or wraps for quick lunches. This sandwich bar from Long Wait for Isabella is a kid friendly option!

Foil Packets

I absolutely love foil packet meals for camping. Here are a few fun options:

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Camping Sweet Treats

If you want something other than a classic s’more, here are a few new ideas for dessert!

Camping Recipes

Banana Boats from Simply Stacie

Campfire S’mores Dip from The Flying Couponer

Allergy Friendly S’mores Muddy Buddies from Pink Fortitude

More Fun Twists on S’mores from Common Sense Home

4 thoughts on “Camping Recipes Your Family Will Love”

  1. All of the recipes look great! Now I want to go camping. My youngest daughter has never camped, so I’m hoping to get a trip in this summer with her.

  2. I’m not big on camping, but these look like they would still be fun at home. We can ‘camp’ in the backyard but still sleep inside. Perfect!


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