Find your Drafts with BlindSpotz Cold Spot Sensors

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We’re always trying to save money on out utility bill, but I’ve noticed some drafts and cooler areas around the house. I was so excited to find out about the BlindSpotz cold spot sensors. They help you identify which areas are cold so you can fix them! Later in the post, I’m also going to give you a chance to win a pack of sensors!

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Each package contains 8 sensors that you can place around your home. I love that this is a DIY project. Having someone come out to check for energy efficiency can cost $300+, so this is much more reasonable.

BlindSpotz sensors are self-adhesive and need to be placed when temperatures will be below 40 degrees. And, you want to leave them in place for 48 hours. The circular band of color lets you know how cold an area is. If three or four colors appear, you may need to fix something. You can e-mail BlindSpotz your photos for suggestions!


Cold Spot Sensors

We tried these out on a cold and snowy weekend. The temperature stayed below freezing for the entire time, so we could really see where our cold areas were. There were definitely some surprises!

Our kitchen is the coldest room in the house. I thought that the exterior door was the culprit, but that area wasn’t actually that cold. Our garage access from the kitchen turned out to be much colder! We also get a draft from our oven that I need to investigate further.

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Another area that was surprisingly cold was our front door. Some of our windows, particularly those on the North side of the house, came up colder than others.

The process was really easy, and I am planning to check more areas around our house. BlindSpotz sensors can also be used in cabinets and closets, so we’re going to check those areas next. I can’t wait to do some easy home maintenance to make those trouble areas more energy efficient!

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BlindSpotz Cold Spot Sensors

66 thoughts on “Find your Drafts with BlindSpotz Cold Spot Sensors”

  1. Interesting! What a great alternative to an expensive review of our home. We face north with only three south-facing windows so I’m looking forward to seeing what these would show especially in the northwest rooms!

  2. The closet in my bedroom is probably the coldest. I have to make sure the closet doors are closed or it gets very chilly at night.

  3. My
    Living room is sooo cold .. when u stand by my
    Front door it’s so cold there’s a pretty big gab under the door so I keep a blanket against the door and it makes HUGE difference ..if I don’t put the blanket there at night, in the morning the entire house is cold.. I got one of those door draft stoppers last week.. and the front of it is so big you can’t close the front door… guess I’m stuck with the blanket! But my kids never put it back against the door when they come in and out so I have to constantly check it .. my bedroom also has a mysterious draft! Would love to know where it’s coming from!

  4. The area in my home that is the coldest I feel is my daughter’s bedroom. Her room is on the side of the house that the most wind hits and she’s on the end of the house where she doesn’t have that extra wall layer to keep the heat in the room like the other rooms.

  5. We live in an old house (built in the 30’s) and I’m astonished at how high our oil heat is! I would love something like this so we can target our problem areas! I do know our master bathroom is a particularly cold room.

  6. The coldest is my daughters bedroom..Not sure why but it is…We have Terrazzo floors and they keep the house super cold during the winter and nice during the summer..


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