How to Plan a Birthday Party with Social Distancing

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We’ve been to a few drive-by birthday parties during COVID. They were cute and perfect for the conditions at that time. But, my daughter really wanted a birthday party that was a little more traditional where she could interact with her friends. We’ve been taking COVID precautions seriously. I really had to get creative to plan a birthday party with social distancing that would make our family and our guests feel safe. Here are some things that we did to make it work.

How to Plan a Birthday Party with Social Distancing

How to Plan a Birthday Party with Social Distancing

1. Limit the guest list
Unlike previous parties, we couldn’t include a bunch of classmates. We settled on four friends as a good number that wouldn’t feel too crowded. Parents were asked to stay with their child.

2. Keep it outdoors
We set up a craft station in our driveway. Each guest had their own small table and supplies that was cleaned between uses. We also did a scavenger hunt around our yard to help spread things out and get the kids moving. We planned a “rain date” in case of bad weather rather than trying to move things indoors.

3. Give guests different arrival times.
We gave guests arrival times staggered by 40 minutes. My daughter was able to greet each guest, spend some quality time with them and open their gift. We had each child do their craft first, so their paint could dry and give us cleaning time to get ready for the next crafter. As one guest was finishing up, the next guest was arriving.

4. Give pre-packaged treats
Rather than a cake and candles, we chose to give out pre-packaged goodies this year. They could eat them during the party or take them to go. We still did cake with just our immediate family after the party.

Have you planned a birthday party during COVID? How did you change your party planning to help with social distancing?

How to Plan a Birthday Party with Social Distancing

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    • I am trying to plan my daughter 3rd birthday in June. The stagger time is perfect especially for grandparents.

  1. I am currently planning for a simple birthday party for my daughter on November and it is such a perfect timing for me to read all of your tips. Thank you!


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