The Best Detangling Brushes and Sprays for Kids

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My daughter used to pitch a fit every time I would brush her hair.  At this point, we have an agreement that I get to brush it once a day without any fights. She is still not a big fan of bows, ponytails or braids, but we’re making progress!
I think these are the best detangling brushes and sprays for kids!

Detangling Brushes and Sprays

The Best Detangling Brushes for Kids

Knot Genie Detangling Brush

The Knot Genie is great for working out tough knots. The brush fits in your hand with no handle. You have a bit more control holding it directly, but I’ve also lost hold of it a few times! It is easy to pack for travel.

What makes it so awesome is the different lengths of teeth on the brush. It works through knots, while still being gentle on the hair. Both of my girls have fine hair and this works great.

The Wet Brush

This is our everyday use brush. It works great on both wet and dry hair, but is especially awesome when just getting out of the bath tub! The top of the bristles are soft and gentle on the scalp. The coating on the bristles does eventually wear away. We’re on our second brush after using the first one for about two years.

The Best Detangling Sprays for Kids

MOA Detangler

This was the first detangler we tried. It works well! We would typically spray this on dry hair in the morning before brushing to help the knots come out easier. The scent isn’t too strong and it doesn’t leave a residue.

SoCozy Detangler

We got a free sample a SoCozy a while back. My daughter prefers the scent of this one over the MOA detangler, but I think they both are about the same in terms of getting out knots. The SoCozy bottle in not a good choice for travel because there is no easy way to stop the handle from spraying.

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  1. Thanks so much! My daughter has thick hair and after she washed her hair it’s like a rat’s nest! I need to find products that will make it easier on her.


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