Barnyard Dance Inspired Craft

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We love the BARNYARD DANCE book by Sandra Boyton. Here’s a cute activity you can do in addition to reading the book. We made a paper plate animal shaker!

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To do this, you just need a heavy duty paper plate, plastic wrap, tape, glue and the printables I’ll link to below. A laminator is helpful but not necessary.


You can find the printable animals that I used here. There’s also another cute barn activity you can do there!

Cut out the animals. I traced around a glass to make circles.



Then, I laminated the pieces. This is optional, but recommended!

The barn I found was part of this printable book. We glued the barn onto a paper plate.

Then we placed the animals on the plate and covered with plastic wrap. I taped the plastic wrap onto the back of the plate to keep it in place.

Now our barnyard animals can dance!


Find more great activities for the BARNYARD DANCE book by visiting Raising Fairies and Knights!

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