6 Spots to Babyproof for Little Movers

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When your baby starts crawling or walking, it can be very exciting! But, it can also be a lot of work! Here are some baby safety tips to make sure your little movers (and you) stay safe and enjoy this new milestone!

With my first child, I literally wanted a lock on every door, drawer and cabinet. I’ve definitely scaled back the amount of babyproofing progressively with each child. But, I do still think a few cabinet locks, tip brackets and baby gates are in order. Your little mover will probably find things you didn’t even realize needed babyproofing!

Here are my top 6 Spots to Babyproof:

1. Stairs
If you have stairs in the house, you need a baby gate! The kind of gate you need will depend on your stairs. Always use a wall mount gate at the top of stairs.

2. Dressers and Heavy Furniture
Make sure you have everything bolted to the wall. There are many anti-tip kits available. Heavy items can easily be tipped by a curious toddler if not secured properly.

3. Chemicals and Poisons
Keep them out of reach or behind a locked door. Also keep laundry supplies and medications away.

4. Outlets and Plugs
Cover outlets that curious fingers can reach. Make sure plugs and cords can’t be grabbed.


5. Windows and Blinds
If your house is more than one story, you may need extra protection on any low windows. Blind cords and other window coverings can also be a hazard. Wind them up securely.

6. Stove
If your stove has any controls on the front like mine, find a way to cover them.

Bonus tip: Leave certain harmless kitchen cabinets unlocked so your little mover can stack tupperware while you cook. A little freedom is fun for them and takes only a few minutes to pick up.

Most importantly, savor this stage! The cute little scoot or those wobbly steps are available for a limited time! Relax and enjoy the moment!

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