The Ultimate List of Baby-Care Hacks for First Time Parents

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When you’re a first time parent with a baby, it can be crazy and stressful. It seems no matter how much you prepare yourself something always goes wrong. But that’s okay! It’s a learning curve, and sometimes you have to know some helpful hacks to make things go more smoothly. Here are some great care hacks for first-time parents of babies. I have a few of my own to share, and I’ve gathered up a few others from experienced parents.

Baby-Care Hacks for First Time Parents

First Week Hacks

Just Snuggle!
Dana of Natural Earthy Mama suggest spending as much time in bed with baby as you can in the first week. “It is a magical time that you will never get back. Relax, snuggle, sleep, feed and bond. Put off visitors for those first few days so that you can really focus on you and baby.”

Stop Endless Visitors
It’s okay to say no to visitors or set specific boundaries if you’re not feeling up to it yet.
Niki of Toot’s Mom is Tired suggests having a sip and see party. “Instead of everyone coming to your house on their own terms to meet the baby, have a sip and see party at someone else’s house. You won’t have to deal with lots of random guests and everyone gets to meet the baby.”

Diapering Hacks

Easily Spot Wet Diapers
Most disposable diapers actually have a line across the front of them that is yellow when dry and blue when wet. This way you don’t have to get a fussy baby’s diaper off to see if they’ve soiled it and be wrong.

Sing During Diaper Changes
Kayla of Parenting Expert to Mom has this great idea: “Sing a song to your baby while you change their diaper. This will help distract a squirmy baby and is a great tool to encourage language development.”

Prevent Messes
Tiffany of Mom Goes Mental recommends this: “Put a cloth diaper flat under the baby on top of the changing pad cover. You’ll wash the cover far less often because only the cloth diaper gets dirty!”
You can also put the clean diaper under the dirty one while you get the baby cleaned up.

DIY Wipes
Here’s what Kayleigh of Pigeon and the Peacock suggests for wipes: “Use cloth wipes even if you don’t cloth diaper. You can even just cut up old shirts, old velour sweatpants, extra receiving blankets, etc. Keep water next to the change station to dampen them. It saves you money and is way gentler on baby’s bum, especially if they have a rash.”
Kayleigh has a facbeook group for Mom Hacks as well! Check it out here.

Laundry Hacks

Laundry Bags
If you don’t want to lose things like baby socks and smaller clothes or hats, put them in a mesh laundry safe bag so they can be cleaned and stay right in the bag without being lost! Small baby socks can also get caught in the motor of your front loading washer, so keeping them in a bag can prevent costly repairs.

You Don’t Need to Wash Baby Clothes Separately

Washing all of babies clothes in separate loads can result in a lot of extra laundry. Just choose a gentle detergent and put everyone’s clothes in the same load.

Baby Bathing Hacks

Don’t Bathe Too Often
Babies don’t need a bath everyday. In fact, bathing too often can lead to dry skin. Read my post about how often babies need baths.

How to Clean Baby Without a Baby Bathtub
Shari of Diary of a SoCal Mama suggests: “Do family showers with your newborn. Everyone gets to shower and it’s extra bonding time!”
Also, most kitchen sinks are the perfect size to give your older baby a bath once they have enough core control to sit on their own. We used a baby bath sponge mat for younger babies that just needing a quick wipe down.

Baby Clothing Hacks

Don’t Buy Too Much in Advance
Caitlin from Real Mom Recs says: “Don’t go crazy buying tons of baby clothes ahead of time! Just get a few essentials and wait to see how big the baby is and buy things as needed. My little guy was born at almost 9 pounds and skipped newborn size clothes and diapers altogether! I’ve also seen babies come out a girl when the parents were told boy and vice versa.”

Think about Seasons

In the winter, infants live in footed sleepers. In the summer, they live in onesies. Keep seasons in mind when buying clothing. Also, baby won’t need more than one coat or one pair of shoes in their early months before they start walking.

Baby Sleep Hacks

Start Sleep Routines from the Start
Samantha of The Mommy Motivator suggests this: “Establish a positive sleep association from day one. I started using a sound machine for night time and naps the day my son came home and even though he’s 2 now, he will immediately get sleepy when he hears a sound machine, fan, white noise or soothing soundscape. I actually get tired the second a sound machine is turned on too!”

Create a Relaxing Place to Sleep
You can help your baby develop healthy sleep habits by making sure they can sleep in a quiet, calm space. A bassinet is great for newborns because it helps them feel more secure than a full sized crib.

Feeding Hacks

Remove Film From Bottles
A combination of baking soda, soap, and hot water can clean even the most difficult baby bottles easily!

Feeding a Sick Baby
Try this trick from Keyona of Professional Momma: “If your sick baby refuses a bottle, offer the bottle while they are sleeping. Their suck reflex is strong and will take over.”
I also have a few ideas for breastfeeding a sick baby. You need to make sure their airway is clear, and they may need to eat more frequently in smaller amounts.

Burp Cloths
Kat from Califf Creations says: “Don’t waste money on fancy burp cloths, they are tiny and don’t absorb well. Instead, get some cloth diapers, they work so much better!”

Keep Supplies Where You Need Them
Store bibs and extra spoons in a basket under or near your high chair.

On the Go Hacks

Always be Prepared
Rigel of Holes in Your Socks says: “Keep a backup set of diaper bag basics tucked somewhere like the trunk of your car or the bottom of the stroller, etc., so you aren’t caught without at least the bare essentials if you forget to repack/refill the diaper bag before grabbing it again for another outing (it’s bound to happen!).”

Keep the Pacifier Clean On The Go
Brittanie from A Quiet Soul recommends using a pop pacifier. “When baby drops it – it pops closed and protects the nipple (and your baby) from germs!”

Hopefully, these can help make your life a lot easier while taking care of your precious new kiddo. Which of the baby care hacks will you be using and sharing in your future? Let me know in the comments!

Baby-Care Hacks for First Time Parents

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