Alpha Burritos – Vegan and Microwavable

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We had the chance to try Alpha Burritos for free this week thanks to a Moms Meet blogger program. We got to try three flavors of Alpha Burritos and can’t wait to share our honest opinions with you! I hadn’t heard of Alpha Burritos before we sampled them in this program, and I’m so glad we discovered them! Since my youngest is dairy free, she loved being able to be included.

Alpha Burritos

They’re so Convenient!
These cook in just 90 seconds in the microwave! We’ll be using these on a regular basis on our busy weeknights.

If we have the extra time, we also like to put them in our panini press for a few seconds to crisp up the shells even more. You can also serve them with fresh guacamole or salsa!

What’s in Alpha Burritos
Alpha Burritos are plant-based and packed full of veggies. They also contain a good amount of protein. The different varieties are around 300 calories per burrito. They’re seasoned with a meat-like texture to taste just like some of your favorites.

This is the label from Alpha Burrito’s pizza flavor:

What’s not in Alpha Burritos
Alpha Burritos are vegan, so you won’t find and dairy or meat products in any of their products. You also won’t find any GMO ingredients, cholesterol or preservatives, either. You can feel confident that you’re making a healthy, clean choice!

Alpha Burrito Flavors

We had the chance to try the pizza, philly cheese steak and the chicken fajita flavors. They were all delicious, and the pizza flavor was a huge hit with my kids!

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I liked the chicken fajita the best. It had a great flavor!

Buying Alpha Burritos

You can find Alpha Burritos locally at Kroger affiliate stores, Walmart, Sprouts and more. Check out their store locator for locations near you! They cost around $3 and are found in the frozen foods section. They were with other vegan prepared meals in my store.

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  1. I haven’t heard of these before, but I’ll have to check Walmart to see if they have them. We are vegetarian and it is nice to have some quick meals. I also like how you used your panini press to crisp them up!


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