Hi, I’m Krystal, and I write Healthy Happy Thrifty Family blog from beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado! I started blogging back in 2010, shortly after having my first child. This blog name with a new, fresh design came in 2015. You can still find a selection of my favorite older posts in my archives. Prior to raising my family, I spent several years working as math teacher in K-8 schools. I now home school my children and work part time as a college math instructor (along with blogging, social media pursuits and raising backyard chickens).

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Meet Erik
My husband Erik (Dad’s Side of the Story) frequently contributes! You can head over to his page to connect on social media and check out his posts.

Meet Kelsy
My sister Kelsy has recently started to contribute to the blog. She’s a math teacher turned stay at home mom to my seriously handsome nephew! You can check out her posts here.

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