5 Things To Consider Before Getting Backyard Chickens

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We’ve had backyard chickens for several years now and really enjoy them.  But,  they’re not for everyone!  Check out this list of things to consider:

1. Will your city/town/county or neighborhood allow them?
Our city (Colorado Springs) allows up to 10 hens (no roosters), but every location is different.  You may also face additional neighborhood restrictions from your home owner’s association.

2. Do you want to be responsible for DAILY care?
Chickens are fairly low maintenance, but you do need to collect eggs on a daily basis.  Depending on the food and water setup you choose, you’ll be filling those regularly, too.  If you travel frequently, you’ll need a friend, neighbor, or some hired help to give you a hand.

3. Do you like scooping chicken poop?
Ok, I don’t either.  But, I have to do it frequently.  If you slack off, your yard is going to get smelly.  And your neighbors are going to get cranky.

4. Are you just as happy with store bought eggs?
I like our fresh eggs because I know how our chickens are raised and what they are eating.  If you don’t need those details, there are some great free range, organic options at your grocery store.  Once you factor in the cost of the coop, feed, maintenance, etc., that may be the more economical option.

5. Do you have other pets?
Some other pets may not be welcoming to chickens.  I’ve heard of dogs acting aggressively or even attacking chickens.  My cats like to stalk our chickens on occasion but mostly leave them alone.

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Have you considered getting backyard chickens?

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  1. Oh I <3 chickens, and can't wait until we a) move somewhere we are allowed to have them, and b) our girls are old enough to help some with all the work. Thanks for sharing, pinning this for reference later 🙂


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