5 Reasons To Buy Your Wife Flowers (And 1 Reason Not To)

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There are many times where flowers are the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Here are the top 5 reasons you should buy your wife flowers, and the one time you shouldn’t.

1) It’s a special occasion.
It may seem cliche, but giving flowers for a special occasion is tried and true. So stop and pick up a bouquet to make that special day more special. There are two types of special occasion First, are the days that occur annually. They’re the easy ones, because you can mark them on your calendar. These days include, but are not limited to; Valentine’s Day, her birthday, your anniversary, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, and Groundhog’s Day. The other types of occasions are those special moments that pop up. Some examples are; she got a promotion, you bought a house, she graduated from college or completed some training program, she gave a performance or guest lecture, she solved her Rubik’s Cube. Just show you noticed it was a special day.

2) You screwed up.
I almost listed this as number one, because honestly, this is the moment we think of getting her flowers the most. There’s a good chance we missed one of those special occasions, and nothing says “I’m sorry” like a dozen roses. But there are plenty of other times flowers might smooth things over. Maybe you stopped at the sport’s bar after work for a quick drink and ended up watching the whole NBA playoff game. Perhaps you had an argument over the finances. You forgot to put the toilet seat down. There really are more than enough opportunities to make a mistake that needs a little floral apology.

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3) Company’s coming.
Your Mother-in-law is coming for a visit. Her college roommate is staying for a few days. She’s hosting a play date. It doesn’t matter the reason, someone is coming into the house. If you pick up flowers, you become a hero in two ways. First, she’s probably already cleaned the house from top to bottom in preparation for these people. A nice floral arrangement will make the whole house a little bit brighter, and she’ll really appreciate you acknowledging her efforts. You will also be a hero because when the company asks about the beautiful flowers, your wife gets to feel some pride when she brags about how awesome you are for getting them. (Bonus: If it’s your MIL, you get to prove to her that she was wrong about you)

4) It’s been a rough day for her.
Was her day at work particularly taxing? Did she lose one of her favorite earrings? Was she stuck at home with a sick kid, cleaning puke out of the carpet? Did she break a nail? If she’s got the blues, flowers are the ultimate pick-me-up. So the next time you’re on the phone and she’s got that “Ugh, my life sucks” tone in her voice, then you should know that a stop at the local florist is in order.

5) It’s Tuesday.
Or it’s the first of the month. Or it’s a full moon. Or none of the above. Truth be told, the absolute best time to get your wife flowers is for no reason at all. She will love the spontaneity. It will probably bring her back to the days when you first started dating. Simply put, anytime you buy her flowers, she will feel appreciated and you’re showing that your romantic side is alive and well.

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Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of all the reasons to buy flowers, I’m going to share the one reason you should never, ever, ever buy her flowers. Do not buy her flowers if you expect “something” in return. And by “something” I don’t mean that she lets you go to poker night, or you get to buy the latest version of Call of Duty (although, you shouldn’t expect those things either). You know exactly what I mean by “something,” but don’t worry, if you follow these simple guidelines on when to buy her flowers, “something” will take care of itself. Then you can pick her up some flowers the next day to say “Thank you.”

When are your go-to moments to pick up flowers? Please share in the comments below.

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