Summer Bucket List for Kids – with Free Printable

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I hope you enjoy this Summer Bucket List for Kids! If you’ve already been hearing “I’m bored” this summer, here are some new ways to have fun. If you want a printable copy, you’ll find the link to download the list in PDF format at the end of the post! Feel free to comment with your favorite summer fun activities!

Summer Bucket List for Kids

Krystal Miller
Krystal is a mom to three wonderful kids, and she works part-time as a college instructor. Her spare time is filled with writing, gardening and chasing backyard chickens.

8 Responses to “Summer Bucket List for Kids – with Free Printable

  • We’ve done a few of these things already this summer! What a great list. The kids have really been enjoying drawing with chalk outside

  • What a great list, such fun and easy activities for kids to enjoy summer time!

  • I never thought about having my kids wash the car! They are probably too young to do a real wash, but they would have so much fun!

  • Thank you so much for these ideas. I am going to use a few.

  • Those scavenger hunt bracelets sound like such a cool idea, my kids would love them I’m sure! Thanks for the ideas!

  • I love this list. What a great idea to simply make a bucket list to try to make the most out of your family’s summer.

  • This is great! I love a good bucket list! We have already done quite a few things this Summer and my kids are already playing the “I’m bored!” game! I’ll have to add these to our plans!

  • I LOVE the scavenger hunt bracelets. We need to try that one! Great list. 🙂

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