Visiting Diggerland USA

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On our recent road trip, we were lucky to be able to stop and visit Diggerland for the day. This construction themed amusement park was a big hit with my kids. They were able to drive some construction equipment, dig in some dirt, ride some rides and try the climbing wall and ropes course. We spent about four hours there and would have stayed longer in better weather. Definitely set aside an entire day if you want to try everything. If you have a kid who loves diggers and trucks, they’re sure to love Diggerland!

My youngest is three and she just barely made the minimum height, so I’d recommend this as a family destination for ages 3 and up!

There are several area where kids can drive the equipment. Most require 48 inches to drive alone but younger kids can ride (and drive) with the help of an adult.

There is a huge line of diggers where you can move some dirt or try some challenges including catching a duck and knocking down bowling pins.

The older kids enjoyed being “dumped” out of truck!

The ropes course and climbing wall are also included with admission. The playground was a big hit with my youngest while the big kids were doing other things.

We ate lunch in the park. They had a pretty good variety of choices. Service was fast, and they have picnic table to eat at in the center of the park.

After lunch, we checked out the rides including the Spin Dizzy and Sky Shuttle. These are great for older kids and adults!

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My youngest said her favorite ride was the Ground Shuttle – she loved all the bumps!

My oldest said his favorite was the Backhoe Adventure. He was able to drive a real piece of equipment with the help of an attendant.

This was such a fun visit for the kids and the adults! We’ll definitely be back next time we’re in the area!

Krystal Miller
Krystal is a mom to three wonderful kids, and she works part-time as a college instructor. Her spare time is filled with writing, gardening and chasing backyard chickens.

19 Responses to “Visiting Diggerland USA

  • This is brilliant! I wish there was one of these near us when my son was little. He used to love looking at construction sites! This is genius the way everything is set up like a playground/construction site, I love it!

  • My two youngest grandkids would absolutely love this amusement park! They love everything about construction so this park would be the best thing ever for them.

  • robin rur
    2 weeks ago

    My boys would have LOVED this when they were younger. How cool is this for little ones? Great idea to whoever thought of this.

  • Oh my gosh my little cousin would die to go here he is such a big fan of diggers… I will have to show him this he will totally freak out. Looks like y’all had such a good time.

  • Reesa Lewandowski
    2 weeks ago

    I live about 45 min from Diggerland in NJ, but we have never been! It looks so awesome and I know my kids would love it!

  • Such good healthy fun! I love knowing about places like this so I can share it with my neighbor boys!

  • Oh my gosh, my boys would love this! Who knew a park like this even existed. I mean my six and nine year old would just be in hog heaven.

  • Diggerland looks like a really fun time! I bet the kids love it!

  • Pretty fun place to go to with the kids this summer! I like that there are plenty of attractions to enjoy, even for the bigger kids or the adults.

  • This looks so amazing! The whole design, with construction equipment, is spectacular! I can’t imagine any child not having a great time there.

  • I’ve never been to Diggerland before! It looks like a whole lot of fun for the family! It’s nice that they have a lot to offer. Such a cool place to go to and spend the entire day in especially during the summer!

  • Danielle Fox
    2 weeks ago

    I know a few families who took weekend trips here. They only said great things about it

  • WOW, just wow! I have never ever seen nor heard of this place before. Now this is so cool! My kids would flip out to visit Diggerland, I may need to check this out for one of their summer trips. Thanks for sharing this post!

  • This looks like such a fun park to go to. I would love to take our granddaughter there.

  • This looks so much fun and perfect for family bondings. My cousin is nearby the place and not sure if they were able to visit there yet. Will suggest this place to her so they can pay a visit.

    2 weeks ago

    Oh my gosh! I didn’t even realize this place existed. My kids would definitely love to go there!!

  • My daughter and nephew would get such a kick out of Diggerland! Both of them are into building and big equipment like these

  • Construction work and the equipment used always fascinate kids. Remembering my own fascination for this. So a park themed on this should be really interesting to the kids. Can see them having great fun.

  • Wow this looks like such fun. My kids would have a blast at Diggerland! I wish I was closer to go!

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