Crucial Tips to Breastfeed a Stuffy Baby

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It can be tough to breastfeed a stuffy baby. Since breastfeeding requires infants to breathe through their nose, you need to find a way to clear those passageways! Here are some tips that helped when my babies were struggling!

Breastfeed a Stuffy Baby

Steam and Humidifiers

Have your little on in the bathroom with you while you take a warm shower. The steam can help clear out nasal passages. Here in Colorado, our climate is really dry. If the humidity in your home is too low, babies will benefit from having a humidifier in the room they sleep in.

Clear Out the Snot

I’m sure you’ve all seen these bulb syringes. A lot of hospitals give them out to new parents.

However, they can really gross and can even grow mold inside! If you use one of these, make sure to toss and replace frequently!

Another option is a nasal-oral aspirator. The idea of sucking snot out of your babies nose, may be a little strange at first, but they work really well. And, there’s a filter in place between you and the snot!

NeilMed Naspira

Proper Position and Timing

Breastfeeding in a sitting or upward angled position can help. This allows drainage to happen more easily. You may need to take breaks if baby is struggling to breath while nursing. My little ones would often get tired easily and want to nurse more often for shorter amounts of time.

Saline Sprays

For stuffy noses, I’ve found that adding a saline spray can get some of that stubborn snot moving. There are a variety of brands on the market. I suggest something with out a lot of extra added ingredients. When you use a spray, follow it up with a nasal aspirator for the best results!

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Do you have any other tips to breastfeed a stuffy baby? Let me know in the comments!

Crucial Tips to Breastfeed a Stuffy Baby

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8 Responses to “Crucial Tips to Breastfeed a Stuffy Baby

  • His couldn’t have come at a better time! My poor babe is all clogged up. Thanks for the Tips!

  • The saline nose drops always worked great for my babies when they were stuff!

  • Nothing quite as terrible as having your baby struggle with stuffy nose and still have to breastfeed so thanks for the great tips.

  • I always feel so bad for plugged up babies. They don’t know how to blow and all they can do is drink. Thankfully these tips should help.

  • Nasal spray was a life saver for my little guy when he was a breastfeeding infant. Great info!

  • Breast milk works really well to clear babies nose! Just drop a few drops in their nostrils.

  • Nasal spray & feeding in the front pack worked wonders. That position worked well.

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