Rock Painting Ideas and Rock Hunting Fun

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Last week, we were out playing at a local park. My son found a painted rock. It led us to the local Colorado Springs facebook group called 719 Rocks! We found a huge community of people that love to decorate, hide and find rocks! Apparently, it’s a big thing around the country, and there are groups in most major cities. It’s all new to me! (Perhaps I’ve been living under a rock?!) Anyway, I think it’s a great idea. It gets the kids outdoors, is great for fine motor skills and doesn’t involve screen time! Ill share some tips and rock painting ideas in this post.

Rock Hunting

Rock Painting

We joined the group and started painting our own rocks. We used the Apple Barrel Acrylic Paints that I had on hand and covered them with a clear spray paint when finished. The whole family got involved and even my youngest had fun painting!

Rock Painting Ideas

Rock Painting

Tips for Rock Painting with Kids

1. Wear clothing that can messy or use smocks. You can use newspaper or paper towels to protect your table.

2. Keep it simple and avoid choosing a complicated design. I add the designs in Sharpie and my kids paint them in.

3. Have a variety of brush sizes available. And, its a good idea to have a variety of colors.

4. Let an adult add the clear spray paint outdoors after the rocks have dried completely.

4. Be patient and have fun!

Simple Rock Painting Ideas for Kids

Character Rock Painting Ideas for Kids


-M Ms

-Mickey Head


-Angry Birds

Rock Hunting and Hiding

We had a lot of fun hiding our rocks around town and can’t wait to do more rock hunting! My girls are both ready to find their first rocks and my son wants to find more.

Have you painted rocks or do you belong to a local “Rocks” group? Tell me in the comments!

Krystal Miller
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7 Responses to “Rock Painting Ideas and Rock Hunting Fun

  • So fun! I’ve seen painted rocks, but never knew people hid them for others to find! My kids would love this! Thanks for sharing!

  • This is such a fun idea! I just read about a friend of mine and her son doing it too. I need to see if there is a local group around here that does it.

  • I just heard about this too! Sounds like lots of fun! I didn’t know they had Facebook groups! How cool!

  • Those rocks look so cute, especially the red M. Kids will like to collect them all.

  • My son loves collecting rocks. This would be so much fun to actually paint his collection. Thanks for the great idea.

  • So big in our area, too. Ours is PBCRocks (Palm Beach, Fl). Ill admit it is a little addicting

  • Our group is #AlexCityRocks on Facebook. Feel free to join. This has inspired and brought our community together. Absolutely wonderful.

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