Best LEGO Gifts for your LEGO Fan

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Looking for some unique gift ideas for you LEGO fan? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve got a list of the top LEGO gifts for all ages! My son is seven years old and he helped me make this list. Most of these are products we own and enjoy and a few are from my son’s wish list!


Awesome LEGO Creations with Bricks You Already Have

This book gives you new ideas for bricks you already have, so you can take advantage of the kits you’ve already purchased! We have a copy of Awesome LEGO Creations with Bricks You Already Have and we’ve found so many great ideas! My son was so excited to be able to do something new with our spare parts!


My son loves to follow the directions but mix up the colors to personalize it! This is him starting to build on of the robot projects.


LEGO sets

There are so many to choose from! This Minecraft Crafting Box is a popular item this year on Amazon, and it is on my son’s list!

The Brick Loot Subscription Box

Brick Loot sends a box full of fun to your door every month! You can see my review and unboxing video to get more details. We got our first box last month and my son is already asking when the next one will arrive!

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Lego Subscription Box

Lego Storage Brick

These Lego Storage Bricks are so cool! And, they’re also greatly appreciated by mom and dad. Get those bricks off the floor and stored neatly away in style!

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Lego Chain Reactions

This Klutz kit is another way to use LEGO bricks you already have (along with the included parts) to do something new. You can set up some pretty cool contraptions!
LEGO gifts

Extra Base Plates

We never seem to have enough base plates around the house! These are a great help for building larger structures and being able to keep projects organized while being built.

Connekt Tape

This adhesive tape for Lego bricks and figures, makes more adventures possible!

More LEGO Gifts

Do you have a favorite LEGO gift?

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27 Responses to “Best LEGO Gifts for your LEGO Fan

  • My son loves legos so much that book looks awesome!

  • C is a Lego fan too. We need a Lego play date. I am going to start planning it now. 🙂 I love that he helped you with this. There are great reccomendations. We need to do one of those builds soon!

  • I thought my son had every Lego toy known to man out there but after reading this post I realize he doesn’t have Lego Chain Rections. That may be one to add to the list 😉 Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  • These are fantastic ideas! My almost 6 and almost 4 year olds just recently discovered Legos and now they’re obsessed! Thanks for sharing!

  • Great ideas for Christmas gift giving. I like that they are so creative.

  • I like that book! We have so many legos that we don’t know how to design into anything. That will help!

  • LEGOs have been the favorite toy of our family for generations. You found some great LEGO sets!

  • My grandson loves his legos. You’ve given me good ideas. Thanks.

  • Dan Dykstra
    9 months ago

    My kids are logo fans. They have kept every box of Lego that we have bought them.

  • Some really cool Legos out there that I’ve seen. I’d have to ask my brother what my niece is missing in her Lego collection.

  • Love the Minecraft lego box set for my son and the books that help create more items are great for both of my kids!

  • This is great! I got my nephew the Chain Reactions book and he LOVES IT!!!

  • These are amazing. My son loves Legos too, so these would be great to keep in mind for future gifts. Thank you. 🙂

  • heather kaufman
    9 months ago

    Both my kids love Legos. These are wonderful ideas for Christmas!

  • Brianne Armstrong
    9 months ago

    WOW! I need that book! My son has so many LEGOs from sets he no longer keeps the books for! He loves the plans, so this book is great!

  • Birdie Skolfield
    9 months ago

    I never knew that there was a LEGO subscription company this would be a really great Christmas gift for my nephew who is 6 . Thank you for the tip

  • MIchelle H.
    9 months ago

    I am interested in that book, “Awesome Lego Creations” for my son. I am also thinking of getting him a Lego Minecraft kit.

  • My nephews are so obsessed with legos. Thanks for this list.

  • Legos always makes a great gift for my grandsons! They love to build new things!

  • My son LIVES for Legos! He would love any of these things you mentioned.

  • Great gift ideas for our Lego lovers.

  • Great gift ideas. My niece and nephew love Lego.

  • As a mom who has been buying Legos for her son for….10 years now…I am glad to see some interesting things on the market. I esp. like that book!

  • Lisa Queen
    8 months ago

    These are great! My grandson really likes legos. This will help me out alot. Thanks!

  • Tamra Phelps
    8 months ago

    In my day, there was just one box of Legos & that was it, lol. The different Legos you can buy now are really amazing!

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