Crafting the Alphabet: S is for Snowman

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Recycled Bottle Snowman
Plastic Bottle
Craft Foam Sheets or Construction Paper
Craft Glue and Glitter Glue
Small Plastic Container


To start, I dripped glue down the inside of the bottle and let it dry to give it a frosted look.  Then I coated the outside of the bottle in glitter glue. 

My son did the decorating. We used construction paper and cut-outs of craft foam to make the eyes and buttons.  The construction paper was easier to work with.  The snowflakes are pre-cut self adhesive foam shapes.

The hat is a small black plastic take-out container with ribbon glued around the edge.

This craft looks really neat when back-lit with a candle.

Happy crafting!

S is for Snowman

Snowman Craft

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