10 Awesome Ways to Help New Parents

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Do you know someone who just had a baby? Here are some ways to help new parents!

Ways to Help New Parents

10. Babysit
This is a touchy subject. Some new parents don’t want to be separated from their babies right away. So, make
the offer and wait for them to be ready. Check back in a month or two if they shoot you down initially. Or, suggest a short outing like a quick walk around the block. Give them a few minutes alone. Your offer is more likely to be accepted if you offer a specific day and time.

9. Go shopping
You know what I hated doing the most with
my baby? Grocery shopping. If you have time, ask for a list and take that off their to-do list.

8. Bring a small toy or gift for older siblings
If it’s not their first child, the older kids are likely going to be feeling left out. A new toy, puzzle or game that can keep them entertained for a bit is the best gift you could give. However, don’t buy anything loud and obnoxious or anything that requires a lot of parental supervision. No one wants to pick play dough out of the carpet while holding a newborn.

7. Entertain the older siblings
Those big kids need attention too.  Why don’t you hop down and play with them for a few minutes? A few minutes of your time can make their day so much better and maybe prevent a tantrum later. If they are old enough, maybe offer take them to the park for a few minutes.

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6. Bring mom a present
Once a woman has a baby, it’s like she no longer exists. And, she just did some seriously hard work. Buy her some chocolate. Give her a gift certificate for a massage. Or, just acknowledge her presence. Ask her how she’s doing and if she needs anything.

5. Offer to change a diaper
I know it’s a smelly job, but someone has to do it. I have three kids. In all those visits, no one has ever offered to change a diaper for me. I think I might hug someone if they did. Seriously change a diaper.

4. Bring them food…later
So, they haven’t slept. They certainly don’t want to cook. Lots of people bring meals right away. Ask them when they could use a meal after a week or two passes or bring them something for the freezer. I remember getting a lot of food right away, almost to the point that we couldn’t use it all. Then two weeks later, the cupboards were bare. That’s when I really wanted those quick meals, especially when my husband was back to work. If you really want to be extra awesome, you could start an online meal train.

3. Be accommodating
If the baby will be visiting your place, try to make it as easy as possible for the parents. One of my dear friends held onto her
highchair after her son outgrew it, just so my son could use it when we were over there. I plan to keep a bin of baby toys and a play mat once my children are done with them, so that I can pull them out if needed. At the very least, make sure you have a quiet space for the baby to sleep or nurse if needed.

2. Don’t show up unannounced
Everybody wants to see the newborn. You know what the new parents want to see? Their pillows! Ask what would be a good time to visit and don’t linger.

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1.Don’t offer advice
No, really, just don’t. They’ve already gotten plenty and they aren’t going to remember it all any way. When I had my first child, everyone wanted to give me advice on everything. You know how much of that advice I actually used? None…because I wasn’t listening. When they say, “How did you handle…” That’s your clue to jump in.

Do you have anything to add? What are your favorite ways to help new parents?

10 thoughts on “10 Awesome Ways to Help New Parents”

  1. Yes, entertaining the older child is so unbelievably helpful! Especially when Mommy is nursing and feeling guilty about neglecting her other child (or maybe that was just me!). I loved it when people would come help with my daughter when I was caring for my newborn son. Good list!

  2. Hehehehe I wish more people would babysit!!! Omg when my daughter was first born I would of killed for someone to watch my daughter just so I could either sit in my house and do nothing or catch up on sleep!

  3. I like all of these!! So when I gave birth to my first. My mom and dad were so helpful. But my husbands parents came over (with nothing), expected dinner, brought my husbands favorite type of pie (nothing for me) and then began sticking their unwashed fingers in my newborns mouth to suck on…so everything that they did…don’t do!!

    I have another one! If you go and visit somebody in the hospital when they have a baby. 1. Make sure that the mom knows you are coming and 2. she doesn’t want to hear your birth story!!! Just admire her baby!!


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